This one short read consists of many layers.

This story tells of overcoming fears and anxiety, remaining true to one’s self, and the importance of ignoring assumptions. The unconditional love and understanding of a parent provides a solid base for his child to stand on.

As the new girl in town, D.J. would much rather climb back into bed than attend her first day of middle school. Making new friends is never easy. Asking those brand-new friends to try something completely different from the norm is frightening.

To the ancient Greeks, mythology was used to provide answers to unanswerable questions. Mythology was also used to explain social situations. After the loss of her mother, D.J. found Persephone to be the perfect Goddess to help guide her through her social fears. D.J. was able to use the trials experienced by Persephone to navigate through her own insecurities. As humans, we yearn to grow and expand our horizons. The difficult part, however, is accomplishing this without closing the door on an important part of your being. Through their talks, D.J. found the courage to power through her fears to remain true to herself.

Another pitfall of being the new kid is becoming the recipient of everyone’s well-meaning but misguided opinions. You never know what you’ll miss out on if you believe a teacher is unapproachable or a fellow student is singularly focused. View others with an open mind. Decide for yourself if you want to interact with them or not.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the various lessons expressed through the imaginings of the author. I look forward to reading her future work.

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