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The Midnight Queen by Sylvia Izzo Hunter

MidnightQueenWhat an enchanting read. It was the perfect balance between strength and weakness, support and conspiracy.

I made the mistake of reading other reviews before reading the book. I am having a difficult time deciphering some of the negative comments. My guess is they never finished the book.

Not everyone has been gifted with magick. Those that do, have varying abilities of varying degrees. Merlin College, in Oxford, instructs those with talent. The students are taught the many languages required to read the ancient spell books. They also learn how to grow their talent into something much more.

I loved the source of magick. The purity found deep within; shaped like a beautiful glowing flower. The coming together of two souls destined to be together unknowingly multiplies their own magick two-fold.

This story revolves around conspiracies. There are conspiracies within conspiracies. Power plays. Hidden motives. Scapegoats. Stepping over corpses to move up in the world. Back-stabbing. Love. Hate. The good having to fight harder than ever to win against evil. The first target didn’t take the warning seriously; would the second?

I loved reading this book. The travel, the adventure, the reveals! I need to know what happens to the older and younger Callendar girls.

Sylvia Izzo Hunter can be reached via twitter @sylwritesthings or her website sylviaizzohunter.ca

I received this book free through the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.


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