Those of you who know me will understand why I refuse to read a book’s synopsis. I don’t want to ruin the story by focusing on anticipation. This became especially true when I was asked to read the first book of The Phantasmagoriad Series. The mysteriousness immediately drew me in. The cover also revealed I was in possession of an anti-verse tale. What more do I need to know?

I am intrigued. I am loving the unique mythology. Life doesn’t need to end with death. It’s an inconvenience, of course, but the options are endless.

I love the flow of the story. There is little break between the action and excitement. As I begin to relax into the direction the story takes, something happens. Some unforeseen action redirects the characters. There is no guessing what will happen next. Frustrating, but it does keep my nerves on edge and my interest piqued.

I love the various characters. Innocence exudes from the young girls until reality shatters their world. A young man is faced with an alternate truth. An elderly gentleman seeking aid and wisdom receives more than he bargains for.

At the halfway point, I honestly don’t know if the innocent will be rescued. This is only the first book. Evil may get the best of the heroes. I need to hurry and get back to reading. I would really love to see … slaughtered. I’m curious what will become of the Beddoes girls after what all has happened… The warning given to Arkturon was a bit cryptic… I wonder what was being hinted…