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I love this picture of my family in NYC. It’s the setting of so many fabulous stories, I thought it fitting to include here.IMG_2448

It’s the meeting of the minds, as they say…

I have been receiving such positive  feedback from wonderful authors, I was debating on sharing them here. Please let me know what you think!

Fun fact: Nearly every book I’ve read has some type of link to the previous book. I love connections!!


In no particular order….

The very first review of Moses and the Dragonborn was one written by Sandy Vattimo. Sandy not only wrote an excellent review, but she shared that review on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as on social media. Thank you Sandy. I am grateful for your work on my behalf.

Dianne Astle

From Michell Plested:


From Phillip D. Curwood:


From Kit Crumpton:FadingReview

From Jean Jacques:


From Jessica Titone:


From Timothy Baril:



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