Feed My Biblio-diction

A different kind of book review, blogging from the heart.


My name is Sandy, and I’m a book addict.

Books are my world. My son recently told me that if I had any more books we’d be living in a library. I don’t see that as a problem. Honestly, I wanted to own a used book store, but the thought of selling parts of me seemed depressing.

In between reading, writing reviews, and begging authors for their next latest and greatest, I torture my 3 teenagers, play with our critters, and tell my hubby how much I love him for all his patience. (Run-on sentence? See, not a writer.)

Since beginning this blogging adventure, I’ve become more appreciative of the books I’ve read. I’ve enjoyed digging further into the story. I feel like I’m searching for that invisible string of words connecting the story to it’s author. I never liked book analysis projects in school, but I do now. (Do I hear English teachers smiling?)

I also enjoy wine, craft beers, roaming aimlessly in the state park just down the road, playing video games (Bethesda rules!), attending lectures on history, and traveling. If I could find a way to be a traveling book reviewer I’d be elated!!