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50% of “Hammers in the Wind” by Christian Warren Freed

HammersinWind1I am loving the adventure found within the pages of this book.

We are faced with a greedy king versus a reluctant king versus savages. Then there are spies, traitors, priests, and pirates, surrounded by an evil known only in myths and legends. This is, indeed, an intricate web. Who will get caught up in the carefully laid traps? Will allies truly be able to trust each other? Everyone has their secrets.

Even though the world, as they know it, will be changed forever, I am most intrigued by the traitor. I’m still not sure who it is. Inner thoughts have been expressed by some hinting at who it may be. I am left wondering, what is his ultimate goal? Is he wanting to better his own situation? Or does he want to better the kingdom?

I am also enjoying the interaction between certain characters. I like the jovial sarcasm of the sell-swords and the fatherly concern of the Gaimosian toward the street rat. There are others, but you’ll have to read it and find them for yourself!!

On to the second half of the story. There are so many questions needing answers!!

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