CrazyLoveI LOVED reading this psychological thriller!

Creepy stalker dude. Need I say more? Yes, I absolutely do! Creepy dude, hereafter referred to as Noah, is more than a stalker. Unfortunately, Emily doesn’t realize this until it’s too late.

Emily, a young pharmacist, has depended solely on herself since leaving home as soon as she reached adulthood. Her adopted family was nothing to brag about. In fact, she still doesn’t know why they adopted her to begin with.

Extremely well-to-do Noah prides himself in caring for Emily. He is attentive and punctual; arriving daily to greet Emily as her shift at CVS ends. He knows she is happy to see him. Why else would she flash her pretty smile his way? He gently chastises her for forgetting her umbrella in inclement weather. Noah merely wants Emily safe and healthy.

Isaiah, sexy blonde one-night-stand, reappears in Emily’s life. So incredibly embarrassing, but maybe fate found a way to reconnect them. Their one night together did feel like something more; something special. Too bad Emily freaked out and snuck off early the next morning.

Emily and Isaiah rekindle their relationship. The two are quick to fall in love. Noah knows the truth, though. Emily truly loves Noah. Isaiah must be forcing her into a relationship with him. Noah needs to do everything he can so he and Emily can finally be together like they are meant to be.

As mentioned in the author’s note at the end of the book, mental illness is real. It appears in many different forms. Anyone can suffer. Medical professionals are available world-wide to help those in need.

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