DeadMediumOh WoW!! As for the land of the living, all I can say is I hoped for this ending, I saw the ending coming, and then was happy with said ending. The ghosty side had me sad, happy, surprised, depressed, and then shocked.

The idea of a dead medium is fantastic. What better way to get those nagging last messages passed along than through a ghost who can successfully talk to the living? Chloe is lucky to have friends on both sides to help her get through the financial mess her mother left her with.

I loved all the characters. As I sit here, I realize each living person can be matched with the dead. There are some connections meant to be obvious, such as May and Barbara or Penny and Chloe. Personally, I believe the real counterparts are buried below the surface.

I didn’t care for Victoria. She was the negative one in the group. George would naturally be her counterpart, but his negativity was more about warning everyone. The ghostly character I didn’t care for was Gary. Even Penny wasn’t sure what to make of him, even though she was still all over him. Honestly, I didn’t understand Gary’s character. Yes, he needed May’s help in getting a message to his son, but he spent all his time with Penny instead of his son. And why would he freak out about the repairman? I feel like this part of the story lacked a bit. Or is the overprotective action meant to reveal something?

I loved reading this book. The message? I’m not sure… Everyone should have a will? Heed warnings of doom and gloom? What I do know is this story was a fun and entertaining slice of fiction.

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