DeadMediumThis has been such a fun book to read! Ghosts starting up a business? Why do ghosts need money anyway?

Penny, Chloe’s mom, has recently passed away and has left her daughter in financial duress. Ghost Penny has been trying all week to contact her daughter, but to no avail. Suddenly, another ghost appears, and the show begins. This ghost can be heard by the living. This ghost has never had a desire to interact with anybody while still living, but now she becomes the center of attention. She’s the key to everyone’s problems.

I love this moody ghost. She reminds me a bit of my grandmother. Independent, strong-willed, honest, and trustworthy. If anyone can help Chloe, this person can, dead or otherwise.

Chloe needs money now, otherwise she’ll have to sell the family home. Nobody wants it to come down to that. All Chloe wants is to be able to keep her home while maintaining her college education.

So, this business… What? How? The answer is the title of this book. Moody ghost becomes a medium. A bit backward from the norm, but who, besides the living potential clients, will question it? Fellow ghosts are lining up with requests. At this point, the entrepreneurs have had one séance. Still on the fence as to the success or failure, but everyone has to start somewhere!