IslandParadiseFind me a travel agent, I’m ready to book a vacation to a hidden gem of an island called Seychelles.

Honestly, I enjoyed reading this book. It was as if the author took a travel brochure and expanded it into a story of beauty and love. I learned the best food to order from various restaurants and which wines to consume while lazing under a palm tree at a nearby beach.

I loved the way the author used the plane trip to describe Lewis and explain his backstory. While looking in a mirror in the airplane lavatory, he assesses himself. Afterward, we learn who he is and how he wound up on the plane to begin with. We get to know Lewis from the inside out.

The book isn’t just about a love connection made in paradise. A rather dubious character has been thrown into the mix. Lewis is certain the problem is corrected after reporting the incidents, but things can’t be that easy in the world of fiction.

I also loved the way the author expressed himself. Each word has been chosen for its specific meaning. The entire story has a natural flow. No extra fluff or unintended terms meant to increase the word count. I am looking forward to reading more from Daniel Balkwill.

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