ScoutsApocalypse2AAAAA!!!!! I now know what it is, but not the origin or why. (I’ve been told a book 3 will be written)

If you’ve read Zombie Plague, you already know. If you’re starting with Zombie War, you might want to stop reading this because there will be **SPOILERS** galore!!


From the first book, we’ve learned the undead can revert back to a normal human. Nobody really understands how, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. These newly cured people can then “reanimate” other undead. This is such a cool concept! Problem solved, if the zombies were limited in number instead of nearly the entire population of Calgary.

The hunt is on to find more survivors. The Scouters and Scouts are unsure of how their respective families faired the onslaught. A crew is selected to go search. More zombie habits are discovered. Maybe things will get easier? Of course not. Turns out the group is on a time crunch.

The hunt is also on to find people to create a more wide-spread cure. Which leads to yet another roadblock – how do you only cure the less injured zombies? The more damaged zombies would “reanimate” just long enough to scream in pain and then die again.

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