ScoutsApocalypse2If you’ve read the first book, this won’t be a SPOILER. If you are just jumping in with this book, *SPOILERS*


WoW!! This is getting really good!!

A clue has finally been revealed. Well, several clues were previously revealed, but I thought they were just too weird to have any true relevance. I am glad I’m wrong. You will probably have to read the book to understand that statement. All I’m saying is the zombies act and react to specific changes…

So, zombism can be cured. Exactly how is unknown, but the Scouts continue to play it by ear. They continue doing what works. There are two problems with this current method, though. First, the process can take a couple weeks. Time, they are learning, is getting short. A few weeks have already gone by. Second, Calgary has a large population. How can a handful of people cure millions of people before it’s too late?

A couple of the Scouters decide it’s time to head into the city to learn the fate of their families. They bring along Michael, a walking zombie repellent, and Ricky, apparently invisible to zombies. As they approach their destination, the sight leaves them with little hope. A badly damaged zombie cannot be helped. An intact zombie may still have a chance to be cured. Which category will their families fall under??