ScoutsApocalypseThis was definitely an exciting read! Maybe I shouldn’t say that since the condition of the Scout’s families are still unknown. Read this book for yourself and you’ll understand my statement.

A group of Scouters and Scouts head out into the wilds of Canada for their annual survivor training. As in any group, there is a wide range of skill levels and personalities. The more experienced Scouts patiently help the newer ones. Everyone works well together. At night, they sit around the campfire and sing songs. Star-gazing is perfect out away from the lights of civilization.

The Scouters and Scouts are only away for a single night. While heading home, the group focuses on remaining safe while looking for living people. Unfortunately, not everyone survives. How can the world around them go so wrong in such a short period of time?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I cannot wait to dive into part two, Zombie War, to learn what happens next. Are there any other survivors? What about the families? Will the adults be able to remain cool and calm throughout the ordeal?

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