DontCloseYourEyesI don’t even know how to begin this review. To me, this book is a warning. Lies and deceit pave the way towards mental destruction.

Twins, Robin and Sarah, “are as different as night and day” as their father would say. Robin is the definition of tomboy. She enjoys helping her dad with odd projects. Robin is not afraid to speak her mind. Sarah tries her best to be good. She is a mommy’s girl. Sarah does everything that is expected of her. Still, they are sisters. They need each other.

Callum, the new boy in town, brings with him the tinder which fuels the flame. His wealthy father buys him everything. His mother is a woman who loves her son.

Neither wife is happy, but only one does something about it. This is the beginning of the end. Families are torn apart. The result is a lifetime of torment.

As my heart broke into smaller and smaller pieces each time I turned the page, I was certain the book would end in complete tragedy. How could decades of compounded problems result in a happy ending? Somehow, it did. A smile broke from my face as I read the last sentence.

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