DontCloseYourEyesThis is an intriguing book. We are following the lives of two sisters, both past and present. Sometimes, switching back and forth can be difficult to follow, especially with two different characters, but in this book, it feels like this is the only way to properly tell the story. Past events bring us closer to present circumstances.

Fraternal twins, Sarah and Robin, are as opposite as two people can be. They love each other. They antagonize each other. They stick up for each other. Yet something happens which tears them apart. Is it just one drastic event? Or is it a series of events leading up to the final break?

As I race through the chapters, I can’t help but feel a deep sadness for these girls. I feel like I should be able to reach into the book and help them. I keep looking at the silver lining, but it appears to only camouflage reality. There is love, but it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. There is advancement, but the location is wrong. There is peace, but the trade-off is detrimental.

I can only hope Sarah and Robin find the serenity and happiness they deserve.