BabyFactoryThe prologue for this story was shocking. I am amazed by how history has been edited over the decades. WWII is merely a byline in the history books. Our knowledge of the “Great Purge” is minimal. Nearly forgotten. Maybe it didn’t even happen. Taking advantage of our naivety, the author enters the twisted mind of Herr Himmler and creates a story mirroring the past. The events detailed in this book could be happening at this very moment.

In its simplest form, this is a battle between good and evil. However, evil believes they are doing good. The world is in a crisis. Resources are being stretched to the limits. Some countries are enacting population control policies. How is the Genesis Society any different? They are using science and research to reduce overcrowding of many races. They believe the world needs to be populated with perfect Aryan babies. Hence, the “Baby Factory”.

How is good going to reign supreme? Will the baby producing come to an end? Who, really, is the brains behind this atrocity?

I enjoyed this read. The camaraderie of the characters was fun to experience. I laughed when I first learned the backdrop was Los Angeles. The irony was not lost. A city known for its image, having a perfect baby making factory in its midst was ideal!

Jean Jacques can be contacted via twitter @blackyjacques.

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