LytefootBefore beginning this book, I was warned by the author to not read alone. So, unbeknownst to my husband, he was protecting me from imminent peril.

This novella covers many levels of creepy. A seemingly innocent ghost hunt quickly becomes something much more malevolent. The twists kept me guessing up to the end!

Four friends set out to satisfy their curiosity. However, getting to the Lytefoot mansion is easier said than done. Odd sensations plague the group. What they see is almost as unnerving as what they don’t.

Their arrival at the mansion was received with mixed blessings. They were safe from the monsters outside, but now they are to face the evil inside.

I’m not sure who was more surprised after each reveal, me or the group? When they are is just as unsettling as where they are. What is going on? Who are these malicious entities?

Phillip D Curwood can be contacted via twitter @D_Curwood.

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