FadingOfLloydA sad but fascinating story based on real people. This book may begin with the end of Lloyd’s life in a mental hospital, but the story goes back much further than that.

We are taken back to the late 1800s, where we are introduced to Lloyd’s grandfather. He is living with his wife and children on a farm in Michigan. This is the first we learn about the usage of asylums for women who may just be experiencing post partem depression. Mothers are rarely ever reunited with their children. We also learn more about Clifford, Lloyd’s father, and the relationship between Clifford and his father.

Clifford leads an adventurous life before finding his bride. Rough waters crash into the couple just as the feelings of wedded bliss come to an end. Women are not allowed to openly make decisions for themselves. Some women find ways around that and secretly taken certain matters into their own hands.

This may or may not have been the cause of Lloyd’s problems. He was a 30-year-old child, sent to a mental hospital in 1940. His parents truly wanted him to be rehabilitated.

Unfortunately, the mental health profession was still in its infancy. Doctors, at the time, were still experimenting various invasive techniques using the brain. Multiple shock therapies were “known” to be best used for different cases.

As explained in the Afterword, many of these events are based on oral family history. Some creative licensing and assumptions were taken by the author to fill in some gaps. The creation of this book is a genealogist’s dream come true.


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