SacredLoveThis short story proves that love heals all. And, of course, Indian mothers are masters at manipulation 😊

Aadya is divorced and unwanted. Her husband abused her, cheated on her, and then accused her of cheating on him when his friend tried raping her. This would break any woman. Elderly Mrs. Singh took Aadya under her wing. Aadya was given a job at the “Mamta” and the healing began. She was feeling needed again.

Arjun Singh left India for the United States after the betrayal of his fiancée. He vowed never to love again. Marriage was something he no longer wanted… no matter what his mother says.

Both Aadya and Arjun are plagued with trust issues. This creates unnecessary tension in their lives. Voices from their past attempt to break into and disrupt the present.

After reading this I realized the danger of remaining in one’s own head. If something doesn’t feel right, talk about it. Discussions lead to solutions.

This book was a little difficult to read due to the broken English. An updated version will soon be available. I based this review solely on the story.

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