TheHomecomingWoW!! I love a good “werewolves and vampires living in the human world” story. Don’t misinterpret my statement. This story comes with a twist… and then a turn… and then another twist… Surprises were coming at me all the way to the end of the last chapter!

I cannot believe how many difficulties, snags, and hitches this couple had to overcome!! These problems appeared to go away after quick fixes. I was starting to worry. I began wondering what kind of book would present the hero or heroine with trouble, and then “bam”, a couple paragraphs later problem solved. Just keep reading!! Trust me!!!

Sydney, half human courtesy of her dad and half shifter courtesy of her mom, is sent to New Orleans to experience her first shift with her Aunt Susan. First shifts can be difficult, and especially dangerous for a half breed.

Somehow, Sydney survives her first wolfy experience and training truly begins. My favorite part was learning about the clothing problem. How does one shift back to human and not be naked? Sydney’s new friend Lisa tries to teach her this and more.

All Sydney wants is to learn how to master her new shifting skills and be with her mate. However, people bent on coming between the couple appear left and right. Revenge seems to be the commonality. This girl wants revenge because he didn’t love her like she loves him. That girl wants revenge because she’s being denied what she believes is hers. He wants revenge because she was using him to get back at the other guy. It’s just all craziness!!

I really can’t wait for the next book. I need to know what happens to the pair hiding in plain sight amidst this other clan. Will they be found out? Why are they even there? With all this coming and going, will Bayou Fontaine remain hidden? So many questions… Loving it!

Tammy Tate can be contacted via twitter @AuthorTammyTate.


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