TheHomecomingDrama! Romance! Drama! Oh, and even more drama! How is a half human half shifter girl supposed to learn how to shift amidst so much drama?!?!? And just who is this guy she’s been dreaming about every night?

Sydney lives with her human father on their Oklahoman ranch. Due to the loss of her mother, Sydney is being sent away, temporarily, to her mother’s pack down in New Orleans to learn the ways of the shifter.

Enter unforgiving Aunt. Yeah, Susan blames Sydney’s dad for the loss of her sister. It didn’t matter that Susan imprinted him, and as a human wasn’t allowed to remain in the community, forcing the couple to leave.

As training commences, Sydney finds herself facing more challenges than normal. She befriends a handful of wolves during her first few days in Bayou Fontaine. Somehow, she finds she’s made almost as many enemies, as well. Sydney is then told something about the possibility of half breeds dying during their first shift. No pressure there.

I am amazed by Sydney’s ability to remain focused while so much is going on around her. I love following along through her story. I can’t wait to watch as Sydney plows through each wall intended to keep her from attaining her happiness. I also can’t wait to see if she ever catches a break. Will she ever be able to just relax and enjoy her life?