HowBehaveCrowdThis is a story of a tight-knit family living in France told through the eyes of the youngest son, Isidore. The five older siblings bury themselves in their intellect; skipping grades in school, writing PhDs, etc. Dory, on the other hand, has a more sensitive soul. He is more interested in learning of his surroundings and the people in it. He is a people-pleaser without sacrificing his own happiness.

I am completely fascinated by Dory. I love his “matter of fact” personality. There is no judgement. Reading into what others say just doesn’t occur to him. He reads body language to better understand what others are thinking and feeling. He is like an ancient soul living in a young teenager’s body.

The family dynamic is interesting. The older siblings are more interested in their own world. None of them have friends. Educational pursuits are their primary, and only, focus. They live with the belief that intelligence is everything. Their mother encourages them to have a more balanced life, but they all refuse. Dory is almost the exact opposite. He hasn’t skipped any grades, he goes out into the world with his mother, he has adventures.

We all need a Dory in our life. Someone we can confide in without being judged. A friend to just sit quietly with when we don’t want to be alone.

This story has taught me balance is the key. Worldly experiences are just as important as educational pursuits. Going outside to play is just as important as reading and reviewing books. 😊