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So, there’s basically two love stories happening here. The men are wealthy CEOs. They both are heads of technology driven empires. The sisters are getting by. Cassie is a private investigator, and Ellie, for all intents and purposes, is a college graduate with a Master’s degree. One relationship is healthy, in a naïve way. The couple is slow to express feelings towards each other. They bring out the best in each other. The other is just bad. Bad, bad, and more bad.

I always side with the strong confident female lead character. In this story, however, I was disappointed in most of her choices. If she’d just stick to her morals she’d be fine. Apparently, if you can piece together a justification you can still maintain your set standards. For example, it’s perfectly ok to break the law by swerving across the double yellow line to avoid running over the kid riding his bike too close to the road. The same as if I can help someone, who loves me as much as I love him, out of a bad marriage by ensuring his financial security, through any means possible, it’s all good, right?

Lesson? Actually, there’s a couple that come to mind. First, love means being able to trust someone completely. A couple should be willing to share stories from their past. The story itself isn’t as important as the ability to share.

Another lesson is, do not compromise your morals for any reason, real or imagined. A person’s moral compass is an ingrained part of one’s soul. It exists for a reason. If someone crosses the line, don’t rezone your soul. Kick the person aside.

In the end, I found Cassie tolerable. Ellie and Violet are still my favorite people. Owen is destined for greatness. Let’s just hope he uses his talents for good instead of evil. I think he’ll be just fine. Edric is so much more understanding than anyone should be. After everything he’s endured, he’s still filled with love. And let us not forget Rosemary. She knows what’s best for everyone. She’s an angel.

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