SibsDilemmaI am having so much fun reading this book.

On the one side, we have super-sexy hard-as-nails CEO (aren’t they all?), Edric, mischievous younger brother Owen, and incredibly shy but brilliant older sister Violet, forming family Kensington. On the other side, we have private detective Cassie and her younger mega-intelligent sister Ellie, forming family Kent. The idea that “blood is thicker than water” is thrown out the door once Cassie sides with a member of a third party, the Silver Fox. Cassie enlists the aid of her sister, but that seems to be backfiring.

From this point, I can see multiple directions in which the story can go. I have my reservations about Mr. Silver Fox. Cassie had better watch herself. I think she’s playing with more fire than she realizes. I love Ellie and Violet. They are both extremely intelligent introverts wanting to maintain their distance from any controversy. Owen is something else. The book best describes him as 12 going on 21.

I can’t wait to finish the book. I see some seriously intense character analysis’ in my future. Hypocrisy, loyalty, villainy, just to rattle off a few terms, coming to mind.