TheVampireGrrrr!!!! Don’t think that’s how a professional would begin a review, but seriously!!!

This is not your typical sparkly romantic gotta-fall-in-love vampire story. I know if I dug deeper into the psychology and hidden meaning I could come up with something good, some moral, but I want to remain angry.

This story drops us in the middle of London, England in the winter of 1819. The Regency Era.

There are many different walks of life. In this story, we are introduced to the extremes; the lowest of the low and the highest of the high. We all know about the horrors faced by the poor and underprivileged. Some are hard-working and grossly underpaid. Starving, freezing, trying to stay alive while surrounded by squalor. Others are beggars looking for easy coin. We also know about high society and the wealth and virtue thrown about like nothingness. Sights set on growing their vast fortunes. Some elitists come from old money while others are newly blessed.

Our vampire friend, Ruthven, searches out a certain type of prey. He roams through crowded rooms ignoring those he has no interest in. Once he finds that special someone he zeros in and smiles. We learn nothing about him but his habits and desires.

We are also introduced to a young man named Aubrey. He and his younger sister were raised by nurses, tutors, and the house staff. The parents prefer to spend most of their time in the thick of their money-making ventures in America. Aubrey, therefore, is forced to use lessons learned in storybooks to reflect that of the real world. These same books help shape him into the type of man he wants to be. Naïve Aubrey then introduces himself to society with the openness of a child. You just know nothing good can happen next.

Right at about the halfway point I’m led to believe wrongs may be righted. Good may win out over evil. I don’t know, though. This evil has been cunning. He has amassed “children” throughout the continent. I just want to reach right through the pages and stake him myself… Grrrr!!!!

What do they say? Loving the book, hating the character?? Yeah, that’s me.