WatermarkedWhile intrigue is the theme for the first half of this novel, torment is the theme for the second half.

This book is about so much more than the lives of four young adults living in New York City. The stories told are of four unique individuals trying to overcome challenging obstacles in their own way.

Depression. Some people suffer from chemical imbalance. Others from childhood scars. We follow along as two individuals battle demons using completely different methods. Some methods cause more problems than not, but it can be difficult to see that when you are at the bottom of the deep dark hole.

I connected most with Audrey. I am familiar with her need to constantly self-evaluate. Questioning any possible hidden meaning behind other’s words or actions. Having to actively be aware of the dark hole lurking not far enough away. It’s draining, but not all is lost.

Ray seems pretty good at getting everything she wants. There’s no point in arguing with her. She is determined.

Jack is just adorable. We don’t learn much about his past until the middle of the book. Out of the group, he seems the most stable.

Flynn… Youngest of his siblings. Also, only boy. Successful painter – don’t call him an artist. High on life, and other things.

The fun part of the story is watching the formation of the couples. It’s a huge Yin Yang thing.

Love. Patience. Understanding. The feeling of being needed, being wanted, has the power to overcome all. I absolutely loved the ups and downs of this book. I felt the need of these couples to overcome their problems and lose themselves in each other. I also saw the necessity of the roads taken before happiness could truly be valued.

The absolute best part of the book was learning there will be a continuation of the story! Come on 2018!!

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Jessica Titone can be contacted via twitter @JessTitone

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