WatermarkedIntrigue is the theme for the first half of this novel.

This book tells the story of four young adults, living in New York City, trying to overcome their past. (I absolutely love NYC) Each character has his or her own demons. Some more extreme than others. However, it isn’t so much the strength of the demon, but the inner strength of the person fighting it that has become the focus of this story.

I love how the author stresses the importance of the character’s recovery, as opposed to the past leading up to it. As in real life, overcoming adversity begins with reconciling with the past and then focusing on the future. I’m certain I’m not the only person who is able to relate to this. The cause is important, but it’s the affect that needs to be addressed. Reconciling can be difficult. Moving forward can be even more difficult. These characters are doing their best. It’s not easy. There’s no quick fix.

I have no idea what has happened to Audrey. She felt the need to take a year break. And then she promises herself one year away from everybody she knows and loves.

Ray seems to be a party girl, but who is she really? With only a year left of college she needs to hurry and figure it out. She is a business major, but has no career goals set.

Jack is just adorable. We don’t learn much about his past until the middle of the book. Out of the group, he seems the most stable.

Flynn… Youngest of his siblings. Also, only boy. Successful painter – don’t call him an artist. High on life, and other things.

I need to keep reading to find out if everyone finds their happy ending!!