BeyondGloamingI am thoroughly invested in this story!! The descriptions completely immersed me into Sebastian’s life.

This is a real dream world in desperate need of being saved by the Chosen One.

When Sebastian is awake, his life is torment. When he falls asleep, he is the master of his dreams. His brother is no longer able to save Sebastian from his jailors. He feels utterly alone. Unbeknownst to him, Sebastian has never been alone.

This story is that of a coin. Heads or tails. Black or white. Awake or asleep. The side of the coin is the in between, the gray area, the Gloaming. There are heroes, hero-turned-villain, a traitor, and an unknown friend hiding in the shadows.

The King deems it necessary to round up a group of unique individuals to aid Sebastian in his quest. They have been dubbed the Hibernauts. Through weeks of training in magic, dream-walking, battle skills, and thievery, Sebastian improves his chances of completing his mission victoriously. They have little time to waste. Much needs to be done before the war begins.

The book took us through much of Sebastian’s training while simultaneously trying to weed out the traitor. Daggers have been left on random pillows. Druid’s drinks have been tampered with. Everyone feels the need to keep secrets. The friends all feel a trust towards each other, but who really knows?

This story ends with a festival and tournament. Everyone is in high spirits. The tournament goes well, and then it doesn’t. Treachery and foul play have gone unnoticed until it was too late. Was it the traitor? Was it someone trying to frame the person he thought was the traitor? I have absolutely no clue. I need to read Book 2 soon so I can find out what happens!!

I received this 2nd edition eBook from the author through Booktasters in exchange for an honest review.

Brendan Murphy can be contacted via twitter @Hibernauts or his website

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