BeyondGloamingSo, not really 50%, more like end of Part 1… Sebastian is in a living nightmare. He is constantly bullied at school. Home life isn’t any better. His parents beat him mercilessly and then toss him in the dark basement to further any “punishment”. His one savior, his brother Flynn, was killed in an accident a short time ago. Flynn was the sole buffer between Sebastian and the heartless world. Now, his only escape is in his dreams.

Unbeknownst to Sebastian, his dreams are another reality, brought to life by centuries of dreamers. Now, this world is in peril. Sebastian is now their savior. Everything he was ridiculed for is what has given him powerful capabilities.

Now, Sebastian and his new friends are on a mission to get through the Gloaming and to Hibercadia.

As I was reading through the story, I was reminded of adventuring video games. The group sets out on a quest. Each person has a special skill set. Through in some magic, special cloaks, and an additional adventurer strategically placed to help the heroes reach their goal. As they tromp through forests, marshes, and caves, they come up against oddly-named creatures, each more daunting than the last.

I love the descriptions used by the author. I love being drawn completely into the story. I somewhat relate to Sebastian. I have vivid dreams all the time. I am self-aware. I enter my dream world through different areas, but I am always able to “place” myself. I am left handed. I was bullied in school. The parallels end there, thankfully. I was not beaten, nor was I ever called to save my world from evil.

By the end of Part 1, I’m not sure what to feel. That last battle left me concerned. I believe Sebastian is safely on his way, but I’m not sure about his friends.