BestOfFriendsWhat just happened?? I can honestly say I never saw any signs leading towards the finale. The friends didn’t even know, and they were in the middle of it.

I knew the friends were looking forward to getting away for some bonding time. I knew there was a murder and there was a killer. I knew who I wouldn’t have minded being killed off, but I definitely didn’t want any of the friends to be the actual killer. Maybe it was someone in a nearby cabin?

As the story flows, the author introduces us to each character. We learn some of the backstory. We learn how they all became friends. We see how each of them grew beyond their dim childhoods. They each have become successful in their own right.

These guys grew up together in the “tenement blocks and poor social housing” areas of Glasgow. As kids, they all experienced tragedy of one kind or another. They relied on the strength of each other to help them pull through. The long-term effects of trauma are different for each person. Some use their experiences as an excuse to turn to a life of crime and violence. Some see violence and decide it’s in their power to protect others. Others turn inward to seek their own coping technique.

This book paves the way for some serious discussions. Tragedy isn’t always the trigger. Sometimes the trigger may be related to years of pent-up emotions suddenly rising to the surface. Sometimes the warning signs are obvious, other times it’s not. There are now more agencies than ever equipped to help those in need.

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I received this eBook free from the author in exchange for an honest review.