BestOfFriendsAll I know is someone is going to be murdered. I have yet to learn who, although I keep hoping for it to be a certain someone (sorry). Maybe it’s the annoying one?

Five childhood friends want to celebrate their decades long bond with a week-long trip. By majority vote from their respective significant others, the friends are not given carte blanche. After much deliberation over many pints, Bobby comes up with the perfect destination. They load up the vehicle with all the essentials; food, clothes, beer (beer being the most important, of course), and head for the hills.

The passengers take in the vast beauty as they drive hours towards their destination. The air is clear and crisp. The view is spectacular. The guys are looking forward to getting out into the fresh air. Besides drinking and partying, they want to explore the outdoors. They want to climb the mountain and interact with nature.

On the return of one such outing, things quickly get out of hand. Stress, anxiety, and hopelessness sweep over the group. I know the moment when someone is about to be killed. Or not.

There is a storm coming. A ranger makes an appearance. Nearby, there is another couple enjoying the peace and tranquility.

Who is murdered? Who is the killer?? This reader needs to know!!