14 Books Read, 15 Different Countries, 140 Visitors, 483 Views, 18 Likes, and 7 Comments.

I want to thank each and every one of you who made my first month a success!! How do I define success?? Well, if you saw my TR-for-review list you’d understand. I absolutely love it!! So many brave indie authors took a huge risk in handing their “baby” over to me. I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them. I got to travel in time multiple times (how fun is that???), witness unorthodox medical procedures (two come to mind), learn how to overcome death (a few times), and experience love in its purest form (many, many times).

This all started after watching  My year reading a book from every country in the world, a TED Talk by Ann Morgan. I began my list. I searched online and found hundreds of helpful suggestions. My go-to genre was usually historical romance. My dad would send me his war biographies, which I would enjoy. If I wanted to Read the World I was going to need to expand my horizons. I started a blog, joined twitter, met some extremely supportive indie/self-publishing authors, joined Instagram and tumblr, and here I am. I’ve been thinking of creating a Facebook page, but I honestly don’t have time (again, thank you!) However, my addiction to connecting with you all and begging for books has left me with little time for “foreign” books. At least I haven’t set a time limit. (Hint: if there are foreign authors with works in English who are brave enough for my “review”, send them my way!) My definition of foreign is ANYWHERE that is not the US, Canada, or the UK.

I had been an avid reader for many years. I would read straight through one book and then jump right into another. I did read a lot of books, but I can’t remember any details. I don’t remember what I read. Since I started blogging my reviews I’ve forced myself to slow down a bit. I realized I love thinking back over what I just read and figure out what it meant to me. What was the author trying to get across? Is there a hidden meaning? Can I unlock the secret treasure??

I’m sorry, but I hate calling my opinions “reviews”. To me, this word indicates professional. I am so far into the negative on the professional spectrum, but I don’t care. I am not an English professor. Authors are not students submitting homework assignments. What right do I have to critique these books to death??

Anticipated July reads:

2130: Don’t go to Sleep … by James D Patalon

Uprising (The Fallen Series #2) by Megan D Harding

The Best of Friends by Thomas Dunn

Beyond the Gloaming by Brendan Murphy

The Kara Shihan by Orlando Sanchez

Watermarked by Jessica Titone

Frost on my Pillow by Leah Hamrick

Sibling’s Dilemma by Molly V Lovell

Cheeking my Meds by Francis CoCo

Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus

The Vampire Revenge of the Sadist (PG13) by Timothy Baril

The Homecoming by Tammy Tate

Lytefoot by Phillip D Curwood

This Paper World by Jeff Lane

(And possibly others)