I am torturing myself. The halfway point of this book is like the ultimate cliffhanger!! Is he going to explain his recent past to her? How is she going to react to the truth?

Ember, high school student, sure is a spitfire. Her level of self-esteem is nothing to laugh at, but she does go into beast-mode when strange things begin to happen. She’s even more frustrated when nobody answers her questions.

Another addition to the story is Atlas. His physical description is exactly what you would imagine a guy named “Atlas” would be; absolutely gorgeous in a bad boy sort of way. The entire female student body is swooning. Ember feels there is something different about him, but can’t figure out what. I don’t know either. I have been told I’m getting closer to some explanation.

Poor Liam. He is still in mourning over events from the end of the previous story. He tries to move on. He learns more about his new position. He travels. He reads. Sadly, I don’t know if he’s even capable of a “happy ever after”. I’ve been rooting for him, though.