FromFilthAndMudThis book doesn’t mess around. High-speed, low-drag indeed!!

Just like life in the Marine Corps, the world really is small. It is still difficult to imagine how people living in different parts of the world, walking in completely different circles, actually find their lives deeply entwined with each other. This book played heavily on that. If you’re around long enough, you’ll find connections with everyone. Looking back, it all makes sense now.

The extreme detail expressed in this story is amazing! I almost feel like I can splice DNA while avoiding RPGs. From bioengineering to military efficiency to espionage to miracle cures… It’s all found within the pages of this book.

I was surprised by the level of emotions I experienced. I was sad and empathetic. I was worried. I was shocked. I was overjoyed. I was angry. I was confused. Ok, I was mostly upset. Life, death, betrayal. Show no weakness.

The common link I recognized was found in all the characters. Every one of them showed a light side and a dark side. Some of them weren’t quite as extreme. They were just trying to protect themselves. They would appear cold and aloof, but then return to warm and loving after the storm had passed. Others were blatantly obvious. Wine and dine, and then stab you in the back.

The big question… did I enjoy reading this book?? Of course I did!! I love books that take me to different places, both mentally and emotionally. There are parts I’m still angry about, but that’s what makes this book successful. I could hope, but I never knew what was going on until after it happened.

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