That was a wild ride!! Apparently, my sleuthing skills are nonexistent because absolutely none of my guesses were correct. Then to rub salt in the wound, when the “who dunnit” was discovered I was still wrong. I was waaay off on the method, and I just gave up guessing the “why”. Even the book title didn’t offer any help. Ok, it did, but it made more sense to me towards the very end. I loved it!!

This book, by far, has become my favorite vampire lore. I love how the author has intertwined vampires into the lives of humans. I am reminded a bit of the tensions we have experienced since the beginning of time. You are different; therefore, I must kill you. In this world, vampires fall in love with, and marry, whomever is destined to be their life mate. It’s so romantic! It doesn’t matter if that person happens to be another vampire or a human. Vampires seem to be more accepting because they know how special the life mate connection is. Love is love. Most humans, however, are not. Sounds a bit like the LGBT issues of today.

Oh, and vampires can have babies!! Vampires can eat regular food!!! I’m still in shock over that.

This story may focus on the crazy mystery unveiling at the clinic, but there were also undertones of redemption. Tiffany was surrounded by those needing the opportunity to be redeemed. People make mistakes. Plain and simple. Extreme emotions often override reason. Anger, fear, and disgust can lead to irrational behavior. If someone feels remorse, if that person begs forgiveness, shouldn’t he be given another chance to atone? The term “2nd chance” exists for a reason. Then there are the people who show not one iota of remorse. There is no chance of rehabilitation. It’s sad, but it’s reality.

By the end of this book, all questions were answered, yet I was left with a feeling of wanting more. I didn’t want to leave this beautifully exciting world. Hours later, I’m still reminiscing.

I was given this eBook free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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