UndercoverI went into this story blind. I did not read the 1st edition. I vaguely knew the purpose of Operation Julie, massive drug ring bust, from glancing over the synopsis. I don’t like to read too much about a book beforehand. This time, I felt a bit like I’m playing catch-up. This edition adds more to the story. He responds to unanswered questions from the previous edition. Unlike readers of the 1st edition, I didn’t have the chance to ponder these questions. I am grateful to the author for providing me with this opportunity to learn more.

Memoirs are often biased stories retold from a person’s fallible memory. The intention is not to impart false feelings or facts. None the less, human nature deems it probable. The author took all of this into account when writing this book. Even though he was right there living it all, he knows recollections cannot always be treated as fact. What can be reliable, however, are first hand reports and documents composed at the time of the investigation. The author cites his sources. He shows where he obtained his supporting evidence. This is crucial in writing history.

Besides feeling satisfied that the investigation, and subsequent bust, unfolded as told by the author, I am loving his writing style. He injects himself into the book. His honesty, wit, and openness make this read even more enjoyable. As the author puts it, we are getting a good look into his head.