WoW!! Really?? I am so loving this alternate version of vampire traits and abilities. These vampires, as a result of medical breakthroughs, are capable of having babies!! (Not really a spoiler – it’s in the 2nd sentence of the first paragraph) This world reminds me a bit of shifter stories. Such a cool crossover!!

Ok, so vampires still need to live in the shadows. Nothing new there. Not all humans are as accepting as others. Some humans can be trusted with the secret. These humans sometimes find themselves working right alongside vampires. Some humans live with the secret. Some humans are even given the option to turn. (I told you, craziness!)

Tiffany, human, is fully aware of vampires. Most of her family are of that species. She knows the ins and outs and decided she is adamant about not turning. Tiffany does not want to crave blood. She does not want to be blinded every time she walks out the door on a bright and sunny day. She has a strong desire to maintain control of her life.

Christian, vampire and one of three doctors at the clinic, loves being able to bring happiness to vampire couples. He has yet to find his life mate, but has been too involved with the clinic to give it much thought. He wants the clinic technologically updated before opening new branches throughout the country. The nurses are frustrated the records are still kept manually.

There is so much going on up to this point. There is the possibility of a romance blossoming. There is an insane mystery the doctors at the clinic are trying to discreetly solve. Perfectly healthy pregnant vampires are suddenly going into early labor. After some testing, they’ve discovered the “cause”. But who would do such a thing? Why? How? I, myself, have half a dozen suspects ready to nail to the wall. Using mad vampire skills, Christian has been able to rule out of one my suspects, but I’m not ready for the name to be stricken from the list. I also have an idea of why and how, but with the way this investigation is going, I’m fairly certain I’m on the wrong trail.