I need to purchase stock in Kleenex… This book was so emotional. The ending made me want to cry. Decisions are always difficult to make when there seems to be no positive result. So much uncertainty, so many sacrifices.

The main “take-away” from this story was the need to control one’s own life; our own destiny. Some of us are so set in our ways we feel off-center when something changes. We have our routines. Get up, get coffee, leave at a certain time, take the exact same route to school or work every day. We become flustered if a wrench gets tossed into the mix. We need to maintain control. Go to school. Retain a high GPA. Get excepted into medical school.

Liam had no control over his own life. He was expected to remain in place and stay out of trouble. He wanted to get out and experience humanity. Unfortunately, his inquisitiveness led him to trouble. Trouble led him to Alana. What is Liam’s destiny? Is he supposed to watch over her? She already has a Guardian, but who? The more time Liam spends will Laney, the closer they become. He knows it’s wrong, but is his destiny to love her? What about becoming a Guardian himself?

How do we react when we are forced out of our comfort zone? Alana refused to be dragged into the trouble she didn’t know was following her. She didn’t have time for being hidden or protected. Alana wanted to maintain control of her own life. She didn’t need a stranger turning her world up-side-down. After the death of her parents, Alana’s need to remain in control was more essential than ever.

Humans are complex beings. We can express a range of emotions in the blink of an eye. The mystifies Liam. He doesn’t notice he demonstrates a similar range when he is in his human form.

I’m so excited Book 2 Uprising is only a page away!!

(Note: This review is based on the story line in the 1st edition eBook. I ignored all typos knowing there is a 2nd edition in the works)

Megan can be contacted via twitter @AuthorMDHarding.

I received this eBook free from Megan D. Harding through the Reader’s House program in exchange for an honest review.

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