Who doesn’t love a good Guardian vs Fallen Angel story? This book definitely falls into that category, but with a twist thrown in. How about some vampires and a werewolf? Chaos is bound to arise…

I love watching the story unfold from the viewpoint of both Alana and Liam. I get to see what is motivating them. Why certain choices are made while alternatives are thrown by the wayside.

Poor Liam, he tries to help. He wants to do what he feels is right, but somehow everything ends up wrong. (I can soooo relate!) He has spent his life in the Sanctuary library reading and learning. He feels the need to get out and learn more about humans first hand, not just vicariously through eons of notes and reports. He is called on for minor missions. He has yet to be assigned his own larger mission. It’s not his fault he was born different. Since inadvertently meeting Alana, all he wants to do is keep her safe.

Something is oddly unique about Alana. There was mention of things being different after “the accident”, but I haven’t come across any details yet. All she deems important is studying so she can maintain her GPA, and then follow it up by attending med school. Alana doesn’t have the time or patience for all this “bad guy” stuff. I’m eager to learn the depth of Alana’s story.

Lexi, Alana’s best friend and college roommate is definitely a party girl. The girls have been together for ages. Even though they are complete opposites, they feel more like sisters than friends. I feel there’s something more going on with Lexi than what’s being shown at face value.

Back to reading. I need to see if Alana figures Liam out. Does Liam ever get the respect he’s been aching to achieve? What about Lexi and her boyfriend? Does Lexi get to see what’s hidden behind the veil?