Ok, I’m done swooning. I really want to blurt out everything but I don’t want to ruin the read. Seriously, there needs to be a second book. What happens to …? Is she the one who …? Why did he …? Why don’t they just …? I guess it’s obvious I loved the book. Need more Rosie!!

This book is a fantasy-lover’s dream. A Voodoo priestess, a dragon, astral projections, literal soul mates, clairvoyance, shape shifters – do I need to go on? Somehow, the author took all these traits and created an amazing amalgamation of mystical bliss set in 17th Century Jamaica. The flow of the story was natural and exciting to read.

Arose is the perfectly imperfect heroine. She is relatable. She loves her family. She never gives up trying to warn them, even though they tend to ignore her. She has faith in herself, but unless her gift shows her otherwise, she has trouble trusting others. Just like in the real world, we are not always immune to low self-esteem.

Edward, Blake, Harold, Morel, Capt. St James. A few of the vital supporting characters. I adored some. I despised some. Not necessarily in that order.

I was so frustrated by the conundrum Arose was forced into. A person should not have to make a choice between the lesser of the two evils.

Arose’s soul mate… I can’t continue without spoilers. Needless to say, I swooned. Ultimate romantic.

From beginning to end, I felt I was experiencing the story through Arose’s eyes. Every setting was described in minute detail. Sights, smells, sounds, feelings. It would have been difficult to not be immersed into her world.

There were some twists and turns. Good, evil, led astray, misunderstood, revelations. This book really does have it all. And the ending? I just wanted to scream!!

The common theme in this story was “be aware, people may not be who they seem.” For now, good has reigned supreme, but there was a warning. Evil is waiting for just the right moment to mount another attack.

I received this book free from the author via Reader’s House in exchange for an honest review.

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