If you read the “50% of Initiation” post, you will know I was a bit apprehensive about reading a book of this genre. However, I plunged in with a clear mind and an open heart.

I highlighted (digitally) many lines in the book for their simple wisdom. I’ve never done that before. One quote I absolutely loved was, “Your inner feelings reflect outwardly, through your eyes.” It gives more meaning to “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”

I feel the theme throughout this memoir was “follow your heart.” As a young and naïve boy, Yoong was always listening to his heart.

Yoong, often mispronounced as Young, was destined to be loved unconditionally even before his conception. His mother yenned for a daughter. The fact she ended up with a son made no difference to her heart. The extended family was just as loving and supportive as his mother. Yoong was encouraged to learn more about any skill which sparked an interest; such as dancing, art, and sewing.

From the age of 6, he knew what he desired to do with his life. He wanted to be a fashion designer. Opportunities manifested to help him learn a variety of skills which would further aid him to achieve this goal. For him, talking fashion was a way for him to bond with a wide range of people. Who knew his love of fashion would unlock even more doors.

I won’t mention Yoong’s father for he was unaccepting of his son’s choices and therefore provides little to no positive reflection from my standpoint. Even though he occasionally took advantage of his son’s skills, he continually signed him up for classes such as karate and judo. How else was he to turn his effeminate son into a manly man?

I admire the young Malayan’s outlook on life. He was respectful of others; often asking others for advice. He was fearless, even when he wasn’t. He was dedicated; working hard to master each skill he set out to learn. He was open to adventure; he looked inward and allowed his heart to direct him towards his destination. Yoong accepted and cherished each opportunity as a stepping stone towards his dream.

From this memoir, I learned intimacy can be so much greater than just sex. Yes, I skimmed over much of the physical interactions (sorry), but it was so much more than that. When actions and gestures come straight from the heart, the effect of loving can be limitless.

Much of this book takes place during Yoong’s teenage years. At 13 years old, like many boys, he was sent to a boarding school in England. Here, his eyes were opened to a more well-rounded education. Through the exchange student program, he was introduced to a plethora of unique experiences. He was given the opportunity to see parts of the world that is normally kept hidden from the outsiders. Summing it up? Boys will be boys.

I honestly enjoyed reading this book. The tone was light and witty. The introduction to other cultures was enlightening.

Young can be reached via twitter @bernardfoong

I read a copy of this ebook through Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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