(Today’s blog was supposed to be dedicated to Gratitude in Low Voices. Unfortunately, due to my limitations, I will need to take more time in reading this book to fully appreciate it. Thanks for your understanding)

Confession time. This is my first “gay” book. Staying true to myself, I have never turned away a genre because “I don’t think I’ll like it.” Honestly, when reading ANY romance novel, I skim past the physical scenes (sorry authors who put a lot of effort into that part of the book). Knowing this, I felt confident I would be able to enjoy this book for what it is; a memoir.

Another confession, I’m not really up to 50%, but I feel I’ve read enough to learn Yoong’s personality and sense of adventure.

I could easily use a sentence quoted straight from the book to express my general feelings, so I will. “He was humorous, easygoing and full of laughter.” (Kindle says this is at location 1415 – is that ok for a source citation?) The quote, in the book, was referring to someone else in Yoong’s life, but it also describes my initial reaction towards Young.

I love that Yoong grows up fully embracing all he is: a good student, a dancer, an artist, a fashion designer, a lover of musicals, and so much more. He fully knows what all he is not: a pianist or a master of martial arts. Most importantly, he is adventurous. He jumps into new experiences with infectious curiosity.

I love the close ties Yoong has with most members of his family. Together, they display the importance of family unity. The unconditional love and support received by most of his family is beautiful!

Yoong and his group have just arrived to begin the next stage of training. I’m curious what Yoong will learn. I hope I don’t feel the need to do much skimming. I am loving the story line!!

I am reading a copy I received through Amazon Kindle Unlimited.