In a sense, I feel like this is a race to the moon. Which country is going to be the first to succeed? Japan? Russia? The United States?

I can imagine many different reasons for seeking a new body; incurable disease, paralysis, or for that matter any type of physical impediment. Would emotional trauma, such as body shaming, be a good reason to undergo such a procedure? What about just wanting something new?

“Good” parents always wish the best for their children. They want to see them grow up, get married and have children. Does this mean “great” parents will do anything and everything to ensure the child obtains these goals? Would buying a new body be the right thing to do?

Even though the procedure is still experimental and unsanctioned, no matter the reason the desire is still there. The intense yearning drives a man to uncharacteristic behavior. He is blinded; he no longer sees the risk.

Who is supplying these bodies? And how?