Jenny. Her devastation is heart wrenching. After years of therapy she is still no closer to moving past her grief.

Barry. A wonderfully dedicated and loving husband. He wants to be able to provide more for his devoted wife.

Jedidiah. A serial killer with uniquely keen hunting skills. He senses as if he was a spider and the world his web.

The initial aspect I absolutely loved about this book was the first-person views from these three main characters. That connection brought a sense of realism. I felt the overwhelming pain of loss. I felt the confused wonder. I noticed the story rushing by faster and faster as the hunt became more intense.

Being inside the mind of the murderer brought about a whole new level of creepy. His insane justifications were just that; he felt he was keeping the world in balance. His extraordinary senses, his inner monologue, made me believe he would come out of the crazy night the winner.

Dr. Van de Vehn. Grief counselor? His theories about marbles, threads, and time as a location made me believe time travel could be possible. The “butterfly effect” passed through my mind a few times while reading this.  If Jenny succeeds she could potentially save many lives. Could there be any negatives?

The very ending was perfect. It made me think back to some of my previous encounters. Could I have been affected by time travel?

I loved this book! I cannot wait to dive into the author’s other creations!!

If you are like me and just need to read the book before watching the movie, you better hurry up. As of this writing, One Way is in post-production. You can get a copy of One Way and Jeff’s other books on Amazon.

You can contact Jeff Lane via twitter @WorldofJeffLane or

I received this free e-reader’s copy from Jeff Lane in exchange for an honest review.


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