This novella was a beautiful read. I began empathizing with the main character, Steve, within minutes. The “if-only’s” were rampaging through both Steve’s and my mind. I felt the enormity of Steve’s love and loss. What can a man do when his world comes to a screeching halt in a split second?

The paranormal part really was beautiful. We both learned how to properly grieve and how to live again. We learned how to embrace the loss of love, how to replace the anguish with memories of happier days. By the end, Steve found a new purpose in his life. The grief will never fully go away, but he found a way to unite his past with his future. Steve found a way to live again.

I also learned, even though this is paranormal, miracles can happen. They can seem small, like seeing someone in the distance just before you take that regrettable step. Or they can seem large, like finding the money to fund a new beginning. Either way, don’t question it, just count your blessings and accept it.

I loved this book. I loved the innocent romance of the story. Love really is the recurring theme.

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