I started reading this sci-fi/paranormal book on Kindle almost immediately after the author suggested it to me. I didn’t even bother reading the synopsis. I didn’t even realize the title was referencing the assassin. Good thing Mr. Pellegrini is much smarter than I am!

The story begins on death row. As the main character, Joseph, lays on his bed eating his last meal, he walks us down memory lane. We see all the horrors he was forced to endure. We are introduced to his bullies. We are introduced to his best friend, Alex. Joseph and Alex quickly became real for me. These two meant everything to each other.

I wasn’t sure how a book could begin with the main character contemplating his death, which was set to occur in an hour. Again, good thing Mr. Pellegrini is smarter than I. The end of each chapter informed us, yet again, things were not going in Joseph’s favor. However, there were “clue words” sprinkled here and there bringing hope and hinting at an ending unlike any other.

This story taught me about myself. I am ultimately responsible for who I am. There are people destined to enter my life. Some are merely passing through while others are more permanent. Interaction with others will affect me, but what I take from it will always be my choice. I also learned that making the wrong choice for the right reason is still wrong. Joseph is caught in this dilemma time and again.

I loved this book. I loved the ride. The further Joseph was knocked down, the more I was rooting for his happiness. After all the trials and tribulations, Mr. Pellegrini crafted a perfect ending! #JoeyBeansForever

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