Honestly, I would have finished this book much quicker than the five days it took me, but Miss Lily Bart frustrated me to no end. I have never read anything written by Ms. Wharton until now so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The beginning of the book can basically be summed up by “rich girl loses everything, tries to appear rich to hook a rich husband”. Poor Lily lives by the whispers of her mother’s ghost. She does well in following the advice, until she unexpectedly runs into an old friend of the family. While talking to Mr Lawrence Selden she learns of his philosophy, living in the Republic of ones own self. Lily takes time to ponder this statement and soon comes to realize she cannot be honestly happy surrounded by wealth. This goes against her very nature.

Lily is often faced with what we now call sexual harassment. When she talks nicely to a man it must mean she wants intimacy. When she requests financial help the man assumes he can benefit with sexual favors.

Lily is also the unfortunate recipient of crowd mentality. When gossip begins to spread, it is safer to side with the populous. There is no need to learn the truth. The truth is unnecessary.

I don’t believe this little “book report” revealed any spoilers. I am very glad I held my temper in check and finished the book.

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