According to Goodreads, I have immersed myself in a dozen different books. I guess that makes me a Biblio-addict with ADD. What doesn’t help is my hubby encouraging me to give Stephen King another shot. Apparently reading Pet Sematary as a teen was not the best King intro for me. So, my helpful hubby twisted my arm and gave me a list of King novels he was sure I would love. It didn’t matter I already had 10 books already queued and ready to go. Turns out I am a S.K. fan after all. Lesson? Don’t completely rule out an author based on a reaction to one book.

Today, I did it to myself. I just had to add another “must read” to my never-shrinking list. I clicked my way to Amazon, after reading the author’s tweet, and clicked again on the Buy it Now button. #Booth by author extraordinaire Jason Pellegrini ( @JPellegrini1983 ) of Long Island, NY., is now part of my collection. I have NO idea what its about. I’m kind of excited and kind of nervous. Kind of like going on a blind date (sorry hubby). Will I laugh? Will I cry? Will I be determined to see it to the end, no matter what? Will it end in love? The possibilities are endless.

#TheHouseOfMirth is getting interesting. Miss Lily Bart is quickly becoming a complicated character. I know what I want her to do, but is it what Edith Wharton has in store for her? I’m only a third the way through so I guess it’s too soon to tell. All I know is I wouldn’t mind joining the Republic of Selden!!